Established in 2014, RAH Contractors, LLC is a multi-family construction company founded by Ronny Hecht. As a long time real estate developer in the Houston area, Mr. Hecht realized a need to better control multi-family residential developments and build a better product at reduced costs by forming a construction company focusing on the multi-family market.

In 2014 RAH Contractors began developing its first multi-family construction project from ground up.  Smart Living is the brand name for the developers’ product line geared towards the working community.  “B product for a B neighborhood”, which provides new market rate apartments in areas that have been underserved and underutilized.  RAH Contractors builds a quality product at an affordable cost.

Key Individuals


Ronny Hecht is the founder and President of RAH Contractors. He has over 30 years' experience in real estate ownership, development, operations, and property management. He oversees all operational components of RAH Contractors and the real-estate owned entities of the projects. Ronny develops, owns and/ or controls multi-family, industrial, office, and retail properties throughout Greater Houston and other parts of Texas. He is a licensed attorney and received both an undergraduate degree in Accounting and a JD from the University Of Texas.

Brad Eicholz

Over 17 years of combined experience in multi-family, single family, and commercial construction. Brad Eicholz has extensive experience in contract negotiations, resource management, value engineering, budget planning, scheduling, and organizational administration in the multifamily industry. Brad Eicholz held positions starting as an Assistant Superintendent progressing through the ranks to Lead Project Manager, eventually climbing to Managing Partner at previous multifamily companies. During his construction career, he has managed all aspects of construction, from conception to delivery of over 2,400 units comprising total construction costs of $250 million. Brad Eicholz has studied Construction Science at the University of Houston.