Established in 2014, RAH Contractors, LLC is a multi-family construction company run by Ronny Hecht, Avi Ron, and Avi Elfezouaty.  Long time real estate developers in the Houston area, Mr. Ron and Mr. Hecht realized a need to better control multi-family residential developments and build a better product at reduced costs by forming a construction company focusing on the multi-family market.


In 2014 RAH Contractors began developing its first multi-family construction project from ground up.  Smart Living is the brand name for the developers’ product line geared towards the working community.  “B product for a B neighborhood”, which provides new market rate apartments in areas that have been underserved and underutilized.  RAH Contractors builds a quality product at an affordable cost.

Key Individuals


By trade, Mr. Hecht is a licensed attorney focusing on real estate and general business transactional work.  Ronny Hecht and Avi Ron joined forces in 2006 to better complement each other’s skills.  Mr. Hecht oversees the operational components of RAH Contractors and all the real-estate owned entities of the principals.  During Mr. Hecht’s tenure with Mr.  Ron, in addition to RAH Contractors and the new multi-family division, he has developed 4 shopping centers and various single tenant buildings and acquired over 40 commercial properties including office buildings, industrial properties, retail centers and apartment complexes.


Mr. Ron has been in the commercial & residential real estate investment/development/construction/management business for over 30 years.  In addition to acquiring vacant lots or larger tracts, he has developed numerous properties in the Houston-area ranging from single-family and townhome communities to office buildings and retail centers.  He currently owns, either individually or through partnerships in which he is the general partner, over 400 pieces of real estate.  The total market value of all real estate owned individually or through partnerships exceeds $300 million dollars.  In addition to being involved with RAH Contractors, Mr. Ron owns and operates a multi-family renovation business that operates throughout the United States.  He works in conjunction with large apartment management companies to provide renovation services ranging from exterior painting to full renovation of burned units and buildings.


In late 2014 Avi Elfezouaty joined RAH Contractors as a Construction Manager.  Mr. Ron first met Mr. Elfezouaty in 2008 while he was overseeing the Houston office for Gables Residential.  With more than 20 years of multi-family construction experience and over 3,500 apartment units built, Mr. Elfezouaty was brought in to help in the development and oversee the construction of the multi-family projects.  Having worked for leading local and national multi-family development companies, Mr. Elfezouaty has gained a tremendous amount of experience and expertise in projects ranging from garden style to high density multi-story mid-rise developments as well as mixed use projects.  His entrepreneurial spirit has made him an ideal candidate for this team.